Scalp Micropigmentation Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?


Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as SMP or a hair tattoo, is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss. This procedure involves depositing pigments into the scalp to mimic the appearance of natural hair follicles. It creates the illusion of a closely-shaven full head of hair or adds density to thinning hair.


Does Scalp Micropigmentation provide a realistic look?


When performed by a skilled practitioner, Scalp Micropigmentation produces hyper-realistic results. Our clients have reported that even upon close inspection, it is challenging to distinguish the treated areas from their real hair follicles.


Is Scalp Micropigmentation a permanent solution?


Scalp Micropigmentation is considered a permanent treatment. Although the results are long-lasting, the pigments may fade slightly over the years, resulting in a lighter color. We recommend scheduling a short touch-up every 3-6 years to maintain the desired appearance.


What is the cost of Scalp Micropigmentation?


The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation depends on the extent of your hair loss. You can find a visual price guide on our website, but for an accurate quote, we recommend visiting us for a free consultation or sending pictures of your scalp.


How long does a Scalp Micropigmentation session take?


Scalp Micropigmentation is typically performed over three sessions. The duration of a standard session ranges from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the treated area. The first two sessions are spaced one week apart, and the third session takes place one month later.


How do we determine the right color for Scalp Micropigmentation?


The color and density of the treatment are gradually adjusted throughout the three sessions to achieve a perfect match with your existing hair. We begin with a slightly lighter color during the first session and make subtle adjustments in subsequent sessions to achieve the desired outcome.


How is the hairline design determined?


Designing the hairline is a highly personalized process. Before each session, a hairline design is sketched, and our practitioners work closely with you to ensure that the hairline meets your expectations. You have the freedom to choose the level of softness, naturalness, sharpness, or definition you desire.


Why choose Scalp Collective over other clinics?


While we may be a new clinic, our practitioners have personally experienced the challenges of hair loss. They have undergone various treatments themselves, including SMP and hair transplants, providing them with invaluable firsthand knowledge. With their deep understanding, our practitioners will provide you with accurate guidance and support throughout your journey, ensuring you receive the best possible care.


Is Scalp Micropigmentation comparable to a regular tattoo?


No, Scalp Micropigmentation is a specialized treatment that differs significantly from a regular tattoo. We employ distinct techniques, machines, needles, and pigments specifically designed for Scalp Micropigmentation. Regular tattooists cannot perform Scalp Micropigmentation without the necessary training, and vice versa. It is crucial to choose a qualified practitioner with proper training in Scalp Micropigmentation.


Will Scalp Micropigmentation alter in colour?


The specific pigment used in Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is a carbon based organic ink exclusively used for hair tattoos, ensuring it does not undergo color changes like regular tattoos. While the colour may lighten slightly over time, it will not change after a longer period.


What can I expect in terms of appearance after the treatment?


Following the treatment, you will immediately notice visible results, including your new hairline. It is common to experience some redness immediately after each session, which typically subsides within 24 hours. Over the course of three sessions, we gradually enhance density and make minor adjustments to the color and shape of your hairline, ensuring an ideal outcome.


Do I need to shave my head for Scalp Micropigmentation?


In most cases, yes. For a standard SMP hair tattoo, it is necessary to shave your hair using clippers, a facial shaver, or a razor. To achieve a natural look, we recommend a hair length of 0.5-grade or shorter. However, we encourage you to explore different shaving routines to find what works best for you.


Can Scalp Micropigmentation be effective for long hair?


Scalp Micropigmentation can be effective on long hair to create the illusion of thicker hair, provided that you have sufficient remaining hair. Similar to its application on a shaved head, the treatment mimics the appearance of hair follicles, reducing the visibility of the scalp. However, if there is insufficient remaining hair to blend with, we may advise that shaving is necessary for optimal results.


Does Scalp Micropigmentation have positive results for women?


Absolutely! Scalp Micropigmentation is highly effective for women with thin or thinning hair. It works by concealing the scalp, reducing the visibility of skin and creating the illusion of thicker and fuller hair.


Is Scalp Micropigmentation suitable for grey hair?


Scalp Micropigmentation is suitable for all hair colors, including grey. When any hair color is closely shaved down to the follicle, it appears as a grey shade. We match the treatment to the darkness of your shade, ensuring a natural look. So, whether your hair is already grey or turns grey after the treatment, it makes no difference. 


What will my Scalp Micropigmentation look like in the long term (5, 10, 20 years)?


Over time, typically after 5 years, your Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo may lighten in color. It will become a lighter version of its initial appearance. At this point, you have the option to have a short touch-up to restore the treatment to its original color, or you may choose to let it naturally fade as you age. The decision is yours.


Can Scalp Micropigmentation cover scars?


bsolutely! If you have scars from hair transplant surgery, whether they are from strip, punch, or FUE procedures, we can effectively camouflage them. Our Scalp Micropigmentation treatment can cover all types of hair transplant scarring, allowing you to confidently wear your hair as short as you desire. 


Additionally, we can enhance the density of thin or thinning hair, further improving the results of your transplant.


Is there a guarantee for the treatment?


Absolutely! We provide a 12-month guarantee from your first session for full treatments. In the rare instance that any area of the treatment is not perfect, simply give us a call and we'll schedule an additional session at no extra charge. However, please note that any style or colour changes to your original treatment are subject to an hourly rate.


Is Scalp Micropigmentation safe?


Absolutely, Scalp Micropigmentation is completely safe and non-invasive. The treatment only penetrates the skin half as deep as a regular tattoo, and we have never encountered any adverse effects from a hair tattoo.


Will Scalp Micropigmentation harm my existing hair?


No need to worry! Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure that, like a regular tattoo, does not impact the real hair follicles. It cannot cause hair loss or damage your existing hair.


Does Scalp Micropigmentation cause discomfort?


For the majority of our clients, the pain experienced during the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is minimal. Many describe it as significantly less painful than a regular tattoo. No pain medication is required, and any discomfort is temporary and limited to the actual treatment duration.


What is the downtime after the treatment? Will I need time off work?


Following the treatment, you can expect the treated area to appear slightly red for approximately 24 hours. Many of our clients return to work the next day without any issues. Scalp Micropigmentation requires no downtime as it is a non-invasive procedure. However, we do recommend avoiding rubbing your head or engaging in heavy sweating for 4 days after each session. 

Compared to hair transplants that can take up to a year for recovery and visible results, Scalp Micropigmentation provides instant results.


Is there a long waiting list?


We understand your eagerness to begin the treatment once you've made the decision. However, our clinics tend to be busy, and appointments can be booked up for a few weeks. We recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible to secure your desired slot.


What if I want to change my hairline or remove the treatment?


Scalp Micropigmentation is a reversible procedure. While we have never had a customer request the removal of the treatment, the removal process would be similar to that of tattoo removal. The key difference is that Scalp Micropigmentation is situated within the second dermal skin layer, which is half the depth of a regular tattoo. Consequently, removing Scalp Micropigmentation is easier and can be fully achieved within two laser sessions. We can envision clients wanting to alter their hairline, soften it, or even create a slight recession as they age.


How much does a touch-up cost?


After 3-6 years, you may desire a touch-up for various reasons, such as adjusting your hairline, refreshing the treatment, or opting for a darker shade. Touch-ups are priced at an hourly rate of £300. Typically, a touch-up session lasts around one hour, although it may extend to two hours depending on the size of the treatment area.


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